5 reasons why travel insurance should be a part of your itinerary


Many of us who travel overseas underestimate the importance of signing up a travel insurance policy before we embark upon the trip. This is in spite of us being aware how the most intricately planned trip can fall prey to unexpected circumstances, resulting not only in the loss of your hard-earned money but can also put the rest of your itinerary at risk. As it was recently apparent in a case of an Indian expat’s father who fell ill on his trip to India and is under a heavy toll of exorbitant hospital bills since he did not enrol for a suitable travel insurance policy. This assures that the importance of travel insurance cannot be overstated. However, here are some more compelling reasons to sign up for one.

1. An antidote for trip cancellations

One of the most prominent reasons to invest in a travel insurance policy is the lingering possibility that your trip may get cancelled or postponed due to unavoidable circumstances, triggering a loss of funds that you have invested in your trip. This is especially significant if you have invested a large amount of money into the trip. Last month one of the Asian Airlines sent an email to the passengers just 48 hours before the flight time confirming the flight was cancelled and the only flight available for them was on the next day. Passengers went furious and called the airlines. The response they received was an apology confirming that the flight was cancelled due to technical issues and they weren’t offering compensation. For such scenarios, a travel insurance plan could be handy as it has a Cancellation Coverage clause.

2. Save yourself against injuries sustained during the trip

What happens in a scenario where you or your travel companion falls sick or sustains an injury during the course of a trip? If an unfortunate, unexpected situation like this arises, you may have to drain your savings in paying hospital bills, especially if there is admission involved. However, if you are armed with a travel insurance policy, it will cover your medical expenses plus even an ambulance arrangement depending on the type of insurance that you have taken.

Travel insured

3. Great policies at affordable costs

If you assume that signing up a suitable travel insurance policy is an expensive proposition, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, when you look at the larger picture, the amount you spend on an insurance policy is negligible when you consider the benefits that you are equipped with. In UAE, travel insurance policies start from as little as Dh 50 to Dh 600 for the whole year. Frequent travellers in this region stand to benefit considerably from annual plans. However, if you travel once in a while or a student, you can be protected under a single trip travel cover.

4. Protect yourself against natural disasters

Weather condition is something that no one can influence or have control over. Statistics indicate that nearly 20% of flights were delayed since 2015, in addition to around 53,000 flight cancellations due to bad weather condition. In case your trip is disrupted by a natural calamity like a snowstorm, hurricane or some other event, you need the backup of a travel insurance plan to cover your losses. Events like these could disrupt your trip and result in trip cancellations, a factor that can be easily covered under the ambit of a travel insurance policy.

5. Safety net against lost or delayed baggage

It was reported that in 2015, around 23.1 million bags were lost, delayed or damaged by airlines. When you have a travel insurance policy that has a Baggage Delay Coverage, you can claim for these potential events under the clause. Moreover, a Delay Coverage clause can reimburse you for the costs incurred while you wait for your bags to be returned to you.

Prove your travel experience to be more tranquil and not a regret. Apply for your Travel Insurance plan.

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