Finding Value in Things You May Never Need


There are numerous things that we end up purchasing, mindlessly happy to pay for through our noses for them despite the fact that they tend to add little or no value to our lives. There are yet other things that we feel reluctant to shell out money for, thinking we may never get a chance to make use of it. And as sentient beings who refuse to think of death and are in a quest to forever keep the Grim Reaper at bay, we sometimes forget to acknowledge the importance of life insurance. This is where you need to use your critical thinking skills and weigh the advantages of the long terms benefits against the short term ones.

In life, we are constantly told to take risks, take the plunge, and dive in head forward, because the greater the risks, the greater are the chances of the reward. Go big, or go home, right? This can be directly applied to investments as well. You must be willing to take the risks of investment to reap the rewards of investing. And guarantees are definitely one way to manage some of these risks. A relevant question you should be considering is: “Is it worth paying the additional fee for a guarantee?” In fact, a better question to ponder would be, “Would you be willing to invest if there was no guarantee?”. The conclusive answers to these questions can be arrived at only after an in-depth analysis of these questions.

Let us consider a fisherman, going about his daily routine. He clearly would aim to make the most of his hard days’ labor and catch the biggest and best fish in the sea. If he were to fear the sea and choose to fish from the safety of the shore, he wouldn’t be able to land the best catch, but if he were to invest in a life jacket and take his boat out to the open sea, he would be able to increase is profits for the day considerably.

Life insurances are the like the life jackets that can keep us afloat and offer a considerable modicum of security to our boats in the deep and unpredictable waters that is life. So grab yourself one before you head out fishing next time and make sure to your research so that it fits you just right.

– Leena Parwani

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