Newborn Baby Insurance

Instant insurance cover for your precious newborn


In the wake of a new directive issued by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), it has now become mandatory for all insurance companies to provide insurance cover to the child as soon as it is born. The DHA has made this move possible by covering the gap between insurance coverages for newborns. The DHA has mounted the scheme with the objective of ensuring that no newborn is deprived of insurance cover right from the time of birth.

A noble directive

According to the new regulations, after the 30-day period of cover that is under the ambit of the mother’s insurance policy elapses, insurance companies are mandated to provide instant coverage to the newborn. Moreover, the new rules also stipulate that the newborn insurance cover must essentially be in line with the same Table of Benefits that defines the family insurance. Thus, now you do not have to wait for any specific period of time for your newborn to be under the safe coverage of an insurance policy. The DHA had also issued a directive in this context last month that, "No insurer may impose waiting period of any kind on newborns, whether they are waiting period against pre existing conditions or any other conditions”.

A welcome change

The new insurance regulations do not just apply to newborns, but also to babies who are born prematurely. Thus, whatever be the case, your precious new baby is instantly secured under the insurance coverage. The directive will provide more clarity on the treatment for newborns since several insurance companies impose a six-month waiting period on newborn babies. This trend has been especially apparent during the issue of a new policy for the newborn or while being added to the parents’ existing policy. The new regulations would provide a massive relief to new parents who are reeling under the pressure of huge hospital bills. The DHA added that it reaffirms the directive for babies to be covered under the mother’s policy for a period of 30 days or until the annual limit of the policy has been reached.

Choose from an array of attractive newborn insurance schemes

With the new directives being issued by the DHA, new parents can breathe a sigh of relief. If you are expecting a baby or have just been visited by the stork, you can choose from an array of suitable insurance companies operating in the UAE to adapt an insurance policy that would be just right for your precious bundle of joy. At LPH Financial services, you will find insurance policy packages that are customized for your needs and distinct requirements.

Moreover, you can also have a chat with the friendly insurance agent at LPH to know what it entails to take out an insurance policy for your newborn. Groups that offer medical insurance to an employee’s dependents can also contact us for a suitable quote with accredited and top insurance providers in UAE.

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