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Is Dual Health Insurance a smart decision?


At some point we all like to get more from paying less. The catch is whether it applies to anything and everything or it’s better to give it a thought and choose wisely as we are referring to best utilize our hard earned money.

  • Dual Health Insurance.It depends on what you mean by “dual” insurance. Having 2 completely separate health insurance policy usually just costs people more in premiums than they would get benefits. It really depends on the amount of medical care a person will need and their comfort with the out-of-pocket costs on their plan.

Health insurance is definitely not a one-size-fits-all industry and hence we have the facility of financial services broker firms out there to assist to reach a better decision.

  • Is it wise to have Dual policy? Talking about Dual Health Insurance, it could be better or it could be worse. Many expats have learned over a period of time that they could save better and get better benefits out of one plan rather than a dual insurance plan. This is because they actually faced a claim scenario where they thought they could get the benefits in parts from each of the plans however it turned out to be the reverse unfortunately.


  • Why not Dual Insurance? Instead of a dual medical insurance, if you opt a single Enhanced medical insurance plan, you can go for the slightly high/moderate premium which will give you extra benefits. ​​​​​​With the exponential rise in health care costs it has become imperative for everyone to be covered under a good health insurance policy. The good news is that currently even the basic insurance plans have a lot of illnesses and medical conditions covered. It’s just about being aware of what and how much you hold.


  • What about Mediclaim in case of Dual Insurance? A Mediclaim policy safeguards you against the risk of a sudden and unforeseen hospitalization and all the related expenses. It is the only way by which you can escape the financial burden of an uninvited surgery or illness. When any insurance claim is made, your primary plan will serve you first against your health coverage. However, would you really know to what extent is the primary plan beneficial? You may not because as laymen we only know the very basic medical terms and conditions in detail. We would not have time to understand the medical and hospitalization field but we could at least consult an adviser to put forward our insurance need and only take what fits best.

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