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We are a team of dedicated insurance professionals who offer custom tax-efficient investment solutions to help the clients achieve their financial goals. Based on the evaluation of your financial needs, income, risk appetite, and expenditure, our professionals help you build a cost-effective portfolio. We are dedicated to providing financial planning solutions & Financial Consultation for individuals and businesses.

Life insurance

Protect your home and your belongings against fire, breakage, structural damages, earthquake, and other financial loss caused by other tragic events. We help you find a specific house insurance plan that includes customized coverage elements to meet your needs.

We are associated with many leading insurers across the UAE., Mainly Dubai to help you find the best plan that meets your needs. Compare the insurance plans to find the best one that offers specific coverage elements. We Give you Best financial planning solutions & Financial Consultation

Health insurance

Get flexible and custom solutions to find a perfect life insurance plan to protect your family’s future. Customize your insurance plan to attain your financial goals and your family’s unique needs. Personalize your policy with all the beneficial elements so that you don’t need to worry about your family’s financial conditions after you die. We can provide you with all the insurance policies that include specific coverage.

If you are looking for a life insurance plan that includes investment elements, LPH Financial Services Dubai would offer you a convenient strategy to meet your financial goal.

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Mortgage insurance

Protect your car and yourself against all the financial losses caused by unwelcomed events like physical damages, expenditure due to a traffic collision, and physical injury in an unfortunate accident.

It is compulsory to get a third-party liability insurance plan for every car owner in the UAE. It protects the car owner against any expenses caused because of third-party physical or property damages. We are Offer Best financial planning solutions & Financial Consultation Dubai

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Motor insurance

A travel insurance plan provides you with coverage to protect you against any financial loss emerging from medical and non-medical emergencies of any kind during your trip. It gives you peace of mind during the entire trip.

It is very important to ensure complete protection of your belongings and travel program. Common misfortunes like loss of baggage, any physical damages, medical emergencies, or flight delays may have an adverse impact on your trip—you must get travel insurance to get rid of all the possible misfortunes during your trip. Best Insurance & Financial Advisor in Dubai

We can help you find the best travel insurance policy that meets your requirements.
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“Thank you and everyone who formulated a perfect solution to my financial goals.
It’s so comprehensive that I can now see my financial goals achievable;
it just reaffirms our complete faith in you. Thanks again for everything.
It’s always a pleasure.”

“LPH and the team delivered truly professional financial Advisory services and put our interests first –
I’d happily recommend the services to anyone wanting a holistic personalized financial planning service.”
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