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Who We Are?

Leena Parwani founded LPH Insurance Brokers in 2013 as a Dubai-based leading financial services and insurance advisory run by a devoted staff of financial advisors and insurance professionals. Its health insurance portfolio currently covers over 17,000 people and is expanding rapidly.

18+ Years of

CEO's Profile

Leena Parwani , is a Self-built Entrepreneur , who believes in Growing by assisting Business Owners , C-level Executives and Elite Individuals in a systematic financial planning and making educated decsisions. Leena Parwani is associated with Wealthy Affluent Families in the UAE . And, through her Efficient team at LPH Financial Services aim to help the High- class Business professionals , also known as High Networth Individuals (HNWIs), who are busy serving their responsibilities , and rarely take the time to consider family’s future financial security .
As a business person / owner , people may come across adverse situations like Economic Recession, income losses in Business or Asset Transfer to the next generation , LPH Financial Services aims to help you before such crisis come into existence.Leena Parwani , has come long way in her 18-year career. Born on 6th January, 1979, Leena Parwani is the second among five children born to Maya Ramchandani and Shanti Prakash Ramchandani, who used to work with Rajasthan State Utility. In 2004, she began her career as a human resource professional with Al Futtaim Group before moving on to Oman Insurance, where she learned the intricacies of family wealth and financial security. When she was ready, she decided to start her own business about nine years later.
Her entrepreneurial journey began in 2013 with the establishment of LPH Financial Services, a financial advisory firm that assists individuals and corporations with financial well-being, succession planning, financial security, property, health insurance, savings, and life insurance.Instead of trying to sell products, she diagnoses people’s financial problems, wealth management, and provides them with the best financial solutions, even if it means not selling products that aren’t suitable for them, gaining customer trust that has helped her climb the ladder of success in the very first year of her business, so much so that she qualified for both Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) and Top-of-The-Table honours from her first year in the profession. Not only this, She is specialiazed expertise in Perpetual Insurance policies pertaining to 3rd generation syndrome.

Global Investment Performance Standards Gips®

Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®) is a set of voluntary ethical principles, which help the global financial planners to compute and analyze their investment options to their potential clients. The objective of GIPS is to inspire the financial planners to present the complete disclosure and fair representation of investment performance.

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