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Talented individuals are aware of their worth and the chances available in the employment market, which presents a cha

Insure Your Life Before Insuring Your Wealth
What do you find most difficult to accomplish? Do you know that’s a bundle of opportunities out there, waiting to be grabbed? Of course, it won’t be easy, because if it were easy, then everyone could do it. You need to understand your capability to raise above the odds and celebrate your daily dose of success by being in the moment.
Leena Parwani happened to sit down with a friend of hers for a chat regarding her woes on sustaining her lifestyle. She was a lady who had already set the bar high with her high maintenance lifestyle. They started off the conversation with a quick recap of their respective lives and moved on to more common grounds. The conversation centered around the human need for more. Women first aspire to possess that first solitaire ring, the ownership of which will make them happy for a while. But they soon realize that this happiness is marred by the emerging desire for a set of diamond solitaire earrings to match the ring. So, they save up and get the earrings. But what good are the ring and earrings if they don’t own a necklace that compliments them? This is a cycle that never stops.
So let’s assume we have the jewelry collection that eases our heart’s desires. Do we utilize it anyway? Fear of losing them deters us from carrying it with us while traveling, say, for destination weddings, and we choose to use artificial jewelry instead on such occasions. If you are one of the few women who will go ahead with the original jewelry anyway, hats off to you for using diamonds the way they were intended to be used. Without deterring further from the story at hand, if women eventually use cut stone instead of the diamonds they pursued relentlessly, then don’t the expensive diamonds become redundant in use at the end of the day? It’s almost as if we spend half our lives chasing after materialistic things and the other half worrying about ways to protect said materialistic things from harm.
While she was busy acquiring materialistic possessions to satisfy herself, Leena’s friend seemed to have completely overlooked any and all thoughts about her own critical care insurance. In fact, she neglected her own life insurance as she felt that her husband was arbitrarily in charge of that area of her life and believed that he would take care of it. This lack of self-care is not merely disheartening. It agitated Leena that she couldn’t push a friend to secure herself, which is clearly more important than any jewelry, no matter the price tag attached. How important is life insurance to you? This is a question every individual must answer for himself or herself.

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